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The Corona Map: Help Fight Pandemic(s) with Data

Last Updated - March 23, 2020

WebGIS Development in 2023: A Guide to the Tools and Technologies I Use for Building Advanced Geospatial Applications

In my last blog, I talked about the Corona Map, a minimalist portal my friend and I built to show the stats related to the Corona Virus for each country every consecutive day. We built it to help researchers find geospatial and temporal patterns in the spread of the Pandemic.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and received tens of thousands of users organically. This helped us make the decision to take the portal/analysis to the next level.

WebGIS Development in 2023: A Guide to the Tools and Technologies I Use for Building Advanced Geospatial Applications
World Map on our portal showing data of each country on 21st March 2020. The blue part of donuts shows recovered patients and red part shows casualties in every country

We are building more features to help researchers and the public in fighting currently the biggest threat faced by humanity. One of those features is further drilling down the data which will enable users to view statistics of Coronavirus at state/province and city-level.

How you can contribute and help the world?

The data about this Pandemic is helping authorities take safety and precautionary measures and is also helping the public in knowing the scenario around them and they can decide what level ofsocial-distancing they need to incorporate in their daily lifestyle.

It doesn’t stop with the current crises only. The evolution of new superbugs due to anti-bioticoverdose; and ancient viruses/bacteria potentially coming back to life due to the melting of permafrost due to Climate change can cause similar situations in the future as well.

This archive of data that the world is creating right now is going to help the world in the future as well to study the spread of future epidemics and help take measures preemptively.

Right now we are ingesting the Opensource data from John Hopkins. But with the help of some volunteers who are helping us with data collection, we are soon going to add state/province and/or city-wise data for the United States, India, and Pakistan.

If you have some city/province-level data for any part of the world, or any other data related to the pandemic that you would want to share with the world or can volunteer for data collection, please email us on [email protected]. We will give you the credits on our site for your valuable contribution.

What do you need to know?

One thing you need to know is that we will make all this data opensource once the humans worldwide defeat the pandemic as they did in China. The reason for this is to help the world prepare for any similar epidemic or pandemic in the future. So you need to be okay with the data being released publicly.

I am Ramiz Sami. I climb mountains, lift heavy weights and build WebGIS solutions. Feel free to get connected with me on Linkedin or Contact me here